Teeth Whitening for Dentists

How to make a bright start on your Teeth Whitening marketing campaign

If your practice offers teeth whitening then you’ve already probably had a good level of demand for these services, seeing as they are the most popular cosmetic treatment in the world. But with these opportunity, lots of threats emerge from the darkness to try and take away your enthusiastic patients.

In order to avoid losing patients to your direct or indirect competitors, it’s important to show the full value of your surgery in your marketing communications to patients. Here’s a few quick tips how you can differentiate your practice and gain more patients for teeth whitening procedures, rather than losing them to competitors.

Know who you’re targeting

Your practice cannot possibly be all things to all people, as you can’t provide the best quality service at the lowest possible price.

Do some market research: who *really* are your customers for teeth whitening treatments? Are they who you expected? What characteristics group these people together? You could probably even answer these questions without going out with a clipboard and asking people, meet with your team to gather some insight.

From this information, you’re likely to find out what type of people are most attracted to your teeth whitening services. This allows your team to get to know what to look out for when dropping hints about teeth whitening procedures.

Use shade guides

Trust is a huge factor between dentists and patients, a trusting relationship is required from your side, so attempting to pitch your teeth whitening product to everyone probably isn’t the best idea.

Because you’ll be aware of what characteristics to look out for in the type of people that normally use your teeth whitening treatments, you can drop small hints about teeth whitening as a possible solution, without being offensive or too in-your-face.

Using a shade guide at the end of appointments can show people how they’re “performing” and can create a conversation about teeth whitening and how much coffee/red wine they drink.

Offer a whitening menu

Following the journey of someone now with an awareness of their potential teeth whitening means they’ll be looking for more information about some possible solutions. Prevent your patients from shopping around by creating an informative menu, with all the types of solutions for teeth whitening, their advantages, disadvantages and potential costs.

Make sure you include everything your patients may feel like they need to know, including in-surgery treatments, off-the-shelf products and take home treatments. Let them know they can’t get more effective treatments online legally.

Keep this informative and not ‘salesy’ for best results and increased trust – your potential patients may not even feel the need to shop around.

Enhance trust and build patient-dentist relationships

Being honest and setting realistic expectations with your patients is very important to ensuring that they are delighted at the end of their treatment.

You can do this by providing personalised, honest advice to your patients, telling them exactly what their best course of action is, even if it doesn’t include using your service. That way you may be able to get good referrals from previous patients and get more prospective patients through the door.

Case Studies

They may seem like a no-brainer, but they’re still highly effective. There’s many different methods of setting case studies, and don’t be afraid to try something new with them, as long as they contain the following key case study characteristics:

  1. Tell an emotive story, don’t simply list facts
  2. Use before/after pictures
  3. Make it authentic – use real images and testimonial quotes
  4. Give your prospective patients an opportunity to take action

Offer a great after-sales deal

When educating your patients, you’ll have to let them know that teeth whitening isn’t permanent and depending on their treatment may have to visit again for top-ups every so often.

Why not offer a discount for getting your patients on a plan? That way you have guaranteed business, patients know they have after-sales care and support that they may want. In the right situation this is win-win.

digitalresultsHow to make a bright start on your Teeth Whitening marketing campaign