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A third of Brits are considering Teeth Whitening Treatment: UK Consumer Trends 2016

Demand for teeth whitening treatment is growing exponentially, and hasn’t shown sings of slowing down any time soon.

In the past 5 years, despite the economic situation, revenue from teeth whitening for the 100 top UK dentists has risen 22%, and has now reached £1bn in turnover for just this small selection of dentists.

With this growing demand, it’s important to find areas in which you can best attract and delight prospective patients to be competitive. Here’s the latest trends in consumer teeth whitening that you need to know:

More than 1 in 3 UK adults are looking for a teeth whitening solution

Over 14 million British adults are actively looking for solutions for their less-than-perfect shade teeth at this very moment, according to research conducted by Mintel.

These 14 million British adults aren’t just the young, trendy professionals either. A growing number of over 65’s are extremely interested in teeth whitening. More than 1-in-5 of over 65’s are highly interested in teeth whitening products.

With all these growing segments of the market, it may be worth focusing your business strategy on specific parts of it to achieve the best results. Otherwise you may find yourself attempting to compete solely on price and trying to be all-things to all people.

80% of interested consumers would only consider in-surgery treatment

The perception of the market is that to achieve better results, in-surgery treatment may be required, despite the growing variety of home treatment solutions available to consumers.

This may be as a result of several high-profile media stories involving home treatments that have had disastrous results. Consumer awareness is high, and there are many buyers guides available that briefly explain some of the legislation behind teeth whitening.

This doesn’t mean that off-the-shelf treatments are redundant, though. At least 3 million people are prepared to use home treatments and with the low prices they are now available at, these products can increasingly become impulse purchases.

Easy-to-apply and marketed as safe teeth whitening solutions are increasingly available – such as Whitening Strips.

Consumers are increasingly aware of regulation surrounding teeth whitening

Consumers are increasingly more aware of the type of legislation surrounding teeth whitening. Recent EU Directives that have come into force are widely recognised by consumers as positive ones.

The GDC has published figures that 86% of the general public believe that teeth whitening should only be conducted by qualified, registered dental professionals. An even higher percentage of those who are interested in having whitening done for themselves strongly agree too.

This regulation awareness means that consumers, more than ever, are looking for accreditations and qualifications. This means that you need to clearly show to prospective patients your accreditations and qualifications to create transparency and trust between you and your customers.

You may also want to have a look at producing literature to explain the process and what to look for and ask when looking for a dentist to perform teeth whitening treatment. You can craft this so that you can get prospective patients asking the questions you have all the answers to, as opportunity to impress and close a sale.

Nearly half of all consumers rely on their dentist’s referral in their final purchase decision

Almost half (47%) of consumers who have had, or are planning on undertaking tooth whitening treatment will make their final purchase decision based on their dentists referral. Gaining referrals from dentists seems a sure fire way to keep demand coming your way for teeth whitening treatments, so you can grow your patient size.

But most surprisingly, 42% of highly engaged consumers are using advertising and marketing to base their final purchase decision from. This kind of figure seems high in comparison to the effect of marketing in other dental services that UK dentists provide. This may be as a result of the cultural phenomenon of fashion & beauty, with celebrity smiles being huge traffic draws for many of the largest news websites for example. So it seems there are vast opportunities for mass market advertising for businesses that have the resources to do so.

Key stats to be aware of:

  • Revenue for the top 100 UK dentists increased by 22% for teeth whitening treatments over the past 5 years
  • 37% of UK adults are considering teeth whitening
  • Over a fifth of over-65’s are considering teeth whitening
  • 80% of consumers are primarily interested in in-surgery treatments
  • 47% of highly engaged consumers will use their dentists referral for their final purchase decision
digitalresultsA third of Brits are considering Teeth Whitening Treatment: UK Consumer Trends 2016